Here you can see the handcrafted instruments currently available.
You are welcome to try any of these instruments in my shop.

In case you are really interested you may take the instrument with you for a few days and try it out in your own environment.

Itīs also possible to rent an instrument. Should you decide to buy a rental instrument, the first six months of rent are accredited on payment.
Paying by installments can easily be arranged.

I also offer a range of very well selected violins for students.

Please feel free to contact me for price information.

Violin 2012 - Strad-Model

body length 35,6 cm - Beate Kienitz

Viola 2012 - Strad-Model

body length 41,5 cm (poplar back) - Beate Kienitz

Viola 2015 - Inspired by a Viola of David Tecchler, Rome

body length 40,2 cm - constructed by Kaja Winiarczyk

Violoncello 2012 - Gofriller-Model

body length 75 cm - Beate Kienitz